Grants & Special Recognition

Each year creative professionals exhibit corporate social responsibility and personal goodwill and philanthropy by donating talent to causes that better our communities or help provide for the less fortunate. Our skills are unique and in great demand because marketing and communication can make or break a campaign or organization.

As part of its mission, AMCP fosters and supports the efforts of marketing and communication professionals who contribute their unique talents to public service and charitable organizations. Each year, the efforts of generous marketing and communication professionals are acknowledged through grants to the organizations that they help. Since 2007, AMCP has contributed over $100,000 for marketing and communication materials in the names of our members.

“I have to say I love this organization (AMCP). It is so refreshing to talk with people that care about people as well as preserving the industry…I have told everyone I know in the industry about AMCP and told them they need to enter your contests because you care.”

-Debbie Naugle
adPRO inc., Lusby, MD

“It is very refreshing to have an organization like the AMCP support the industry in such a meaningful way. Having the opportunity to give back to the community and causes we hold dear make all the effort worthwhile. Cheers to AMCP!”

-Jon Reigelman
Peritus Public Relations, Louisville, KY