“One of my personal missions, and now my firm’s mission is to give back using the creative talents we’ve been given. Last year my small three person firm contributed over $17,000 of logged in project time to non-profits (all of it pro-bono). There is so much work to be done to help these wonderful humanitarian companies raise the funds to meet the needs of those they serve. Please send my deep gratitude to those funding and selecting the AMCP pro bono recipients.”

-Fabi Preslar
SPARK Publications, Matthews, NC


“I donate my creative services to the Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services organization because I believe their work in legally representing disadvantaged people is outstanding. SMRLS has alleviated the suffering of so many by making professional legal services available to those that cannot afford legal help.”

-Aimee Falk
Opus Corporation, Minnetonka, MN


“Thank you so much for your generous donation. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything more from your organization; and, was every bit as excited to receive your grant as I was hearing that our commercial was given your “platinum” honors. The Arc of Monroe for me is about seeing beyond the obvious…expanding the positive..creating growth..helping individuals realize their potential and dreams..and this is only the beginning.”

-Gene Filiaci
Commercial Success, E. Rochester, NY


“We provide meals, clothing, care and education to the La Rosa Orphanage in Somotillo, Nicaragua. Through photography and other marketing efforts, we tell the story of people desperately in need of help.”

-Rusty Burroughs
Matthews, NC


“Cost becomes inconsequential when you see the look of accomplishment on the children’s faces, when they make another step in their fight against their disability. Our compensation was simply knowing our production will help them continue to provide services to those with disabilities.”

-Jon May
Horse Flicks, Aubrey, TX


“Thank you for honoring our marketing work with the Child Advocates of Silicon Valley. In the two years our pro bono marketing and design consultants have designed and created a new website and a new brochure for them. Taproot Foundation through its thousands of volunteers consults on marketing and communications with nonprofits throughout the country.”

-Joel Bashevkin
Taproot Foundation, San Francisco, CA


“lemmondsDESIGN prides itself in giving back to the community as we have with the Children’s Attention Home. I am proud to say that along with the design items that we donated for the Children’s Attention Home we were instrumental in generating $23k worth of donations to the home during the building process of a new charter school in Rock Hill, SC.”

-Chris Lemmonds
lemmondsDESIGN, Fort Mill, SC


“Each day SafePlace provides safety and healing services to survivors of sexual and domestic violence. There is no greater success than to see families come together to end the cycle of abuse..survivors proudly standing on their own, safe and free from violence…and children once frightened, now strong and hopeful.”

-Stephanie Malone
The 401(k) Company, Austin, TX


“I would like to thank you for your support of Le’Burg Teen Talk Show, their mission and their struggle to create awareness for the purpose of the show and the positive messages they wish to instill in youth in central Massachusetts. Many of the participants and viewers are from broken homes and are considered seriously at-risk. This is not only a TV show, but because of the locale of the production, it is also a resource for other critical services throughout our community.”

-W. Rachel Chery
Wild Red Productions, Fitchburg, MA


“It is so heartwarming to see the AMCP’s commitment to philanthropic support. I am deeply grateful and know how thankful Hope for Morrope will be. We are honored to be recognized by AMCP.”

-Karen J. Carpenter
eCity Corporation, Ellicott City, MD