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The Hermes Award is a majestic symbol of the ancient Greek messenger who was also the god of orators and wit, of literature and poets, and invention and commerce in general. The statuette’s unique interpretation embodies the spirit of marketing and communication professionals carrying messages to their audiences. The shiny die-cast statuette stands 13 inches tall on an engraved, personalized, black nickel metal base and is presented in a Tiffany-style, velvet-lined, presentation box.

The Hermes statuette is designed and manufactured by Society Awards, a world-renowned custom design firm that is remaking the awards industry. In the past several years, Society Awards has updated the Emmy, Golden Globe, Clio, MTV Academy of Country Music and American Music Awards.

Hermes entrants do not subsidize awards for the winners. Instead of charging several hundred dollars per entry, competition organizers decided to keep entry fees at a fraction of that cost by letting winners buy their own awards. The result is a more affordable competition and awards that are truly pieces of art that anyone would be proud to display or present to a client. Platinum and gold winners are eligible to purchase the award for $195.

Hermes Statuettes